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MYSQLDUMP remote -> Local

Hey all

I have been doing a little research this morning on MYSQLDUMP and what it can and cant let me do but i can't for the life of me tell if it will allow me to do the following:

dump data from a REMOTE server to my Local server!


I have a web based database which is only backed up 1 a week by my Hosting company! im building an app that makes our own backups on our server (localhost) once a day! i firstly inteneded to do this simply by coding sql statements to retrieve the data but was told MYSQLDUMP would be far quicker...which is the goal!

so upon looking i have found a shell command that allows you to copy from your Local machine to a remote machine but not the other way round?

mysqldump --opt mydatabase | mysql --host=localhost -C newdatabase

could some one please clarify if the remote to local mysqldump can be done and what the code would be??



sorry just to add!!!

i would like to run this from my LOCAL MACHINE not the remote machine! if i cant then can you please suggest an alternative?