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File > Properties > Summary > Advanced > Display Codec

This concerns right-clicking an audio or video file, under Windows XP, and selecting Properties > Summary > Advanced.

A few years ago I recall that doing so showed me, amongst all the other usual info, the codec(s) used. At present, doing so will show, for an audio file, 'Duration', 'Bit rate', 'Channels' and 'Audio sample rate'.

I'm pretty sure that the option to display extended advanced file information, such as codec details, is not a feature of XP itself and that I may well have installed something in order for this to work, but then I could be wrong.

Does anyone have any idea how I might do this? I've tried Googling until my fingers fell off and so far I haven't found anything useful at all.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Someone might have had the nvidia package installed and saw more information? I had that, and it was plain annoying.

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