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Code to block the calls

:) :confused: Hi, I have written code to block the calls. I m automatically invoking the key event to cut the call when the call arrives. The call is blocked as expected but I m getting one ring before the call blocks. I try to minimize the master volume to 'zero' and set the same after the call ends.

int master_volume= net.rim.device.api.system.Alert.getVolume();
System.out.println("Master Volume "+master_volume);
System.out.println("Master Volume after setting "+net.rim.device.api.system.Alert.getVolume());
System.out.println("Master Volume 1 after setting "+net.rim.device.api.notification.NotificationsManager.getMasterNotificationVolume());
EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent ev1 = new EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent(EventInjector.KeyCodeEvent.KEY_DOWN, ((char) Keypad.KEY_END), KeypadListener.STATUS_ALT, 100);
System.out.println("Master volume 2 "+master_volume);

Also below is the debugger output.

Master Volume 100
Master Volume after setting 0
Master Volume 1 after setting 70
Master volume 2 100

The NotificationManager volume too has the same effect when using.

I do not want even one ring when the call rises.

:tbulb: I m Using Strom 9530 and JDE 4.7.0 for development.

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