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Web apps for all handheld devices? (not just blackberries)


I've written a web application, and an AJAX client for regular browsers. I now want to make it usable on as many hand held devices as possible (mobile phones, blackberries, iphones, pda's...) Basically I'm just a lowly web developer, but need to make this app available to as many mobile users as possible. What are my options for extending the ways the application can be used, beyond regular browsers?

How should I go about this? I'm totally overwhelmed. I wouldn't be worried, except I doubt many phones can run AJAX apps as-is?

The app will need to record information, and one way or another, either directly or via the user's PC, upload it to the internet, and receive updates from the internet.

Java? WAP? Something else? Or just stick with HTML/AJAX since all phones are moving in that direction anyway? (Although being hand held devices, they won't always have reception, so would need some way of temporarily storing data while offline)...

Please Help!!

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