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Category: Embedded Programming
GDB interpreter on Wind River's Workbench for VxWorks


I am new to embedded programming. In my new job Wind River's Workbench is the standard development environment. I have a couple of seemingly trivial but annoying issues:

1) the debug window in Eclipse will only show the first 30 characters of a string. No matter what I do I cant get it to show more, what is the trick here ?

2) I have been playing around with the host shell command prompt, while I was able to use the cmd, C, and Tcl interpreters with my target. GDB (the one tool I am most familiar with ) spits out a message telling me it has no context, and I should attach to a RTP or use the file command.
but clearly the other interpertrs can work with my connection, creating from the IDE (I can see breakpoints and step in the code) why cant the GDB interpreter do the same?

I'd appreciate any insights you might have

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