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Resources for learning Embedded Programming

Any and all non-repetitive resources for learning embedded programming should go here.

I'll start us off with the obvious.

The Arduino is an extremely inexpensive microprocessor with plenty of I/O pins to do everything you'd want. (note: They don't sell the product; you'll need to buy it from a supplier. (
My recommendation for beginners: Buy a pair of Arduino Duemilanove microprocessors. 95% chance you'll burn one by accident.

For the more advanced user, you might want to learn more about how the arduino works by making one yourself ( You get the components and a breadboard and wire it up. This may even be cheaper than buying one! Though obviously less useful.

You can buy an Arduino starter kit from adafruit ( Not terribly expensive, either.

Ladyada is a site run by a very competent ... lady (as the name would imply). She has a huge amount of projects and kits for sale on her site (with full-picture instructions for soldering, etcetera.) More useful projects include the MintyBoost, the XBee Arduino shield, the protoshield, and the motor controller / motor shield.

Learn how to solder small surface-mount chips (by hand) (!)

Or a better variant

Reflow soldering with a cheap toaster oven (

I once read an article on using a microwave oven for reflow soldering! Where did I see that?

Don't try that home kiddies, placing certain metalic objects in your microwave can lead to fires and high energy RF exposure. Here's a white paper I just found on the subject:

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