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Want To Learn Embedded Programming


I am a software engineer who has mainly worked on non embedded applications. I want to get into embedded programming, but don't really know anything about it or how to get started.

Anybody have any ideas where to begin? I'd like to buy something I can mess with at home.

Any help?

Buy an arduino, maybe an arduino starter kit from one of many sites selling them.

Alternatively, go buy a PIC board.

When you learn how to use those you can buy just the chip without the nice and easy boards attached, which are far cheaper.

Hi to all this is Chandrashekar working on embedded systems
up to now i have worked on ARM7 based controllers
now am looking for cortex based in that i have chosen arm cortex3 based LM3S600 controller can any one help me how to write program for this controller how i have to write interfacing programs for this controller.

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