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PDF creation-> special characters get lost

we are creating PDFs with german special charcters using Zend Framework and Zend Server. We are developping on windows machines, development server is a linux box.

On windows the PDFs contain all characters. We get some data from webservices, wrap them in utf8_decode($data), print them into the PDF and everything's fine. On Linux server the special characters disappear without a warning...

Do you have an idea? Would be great!

I am pretty sure something needs to done on your server. I am not a server guy, but found:

$LANG variable is set to de_DE.utf8 on the server

We tried to convert the input strings to ISO-8859-1 with mb_convert_encoding but still all special characters disappear...

We use one of the standard fonts HELVETICA of Zend Framework and tried out others.