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Get $4 by reviewing your host.

Review Requirements:

You must provide a valid URL in the "Domain Hosted" field. [?] (
Your review must be original and not be posted anywhere else. [?] (
Your review must be at least one full paragraph (450 characters) in length. [?] (
Your review must not sound promotional. [?] (

After submitting your review, send a quick email to [email protected] from an email address that ends with [?] ( In the subject include the text "CF", and in the body include your name, your host's name, and your PayPal info.

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Things to Remember:

You must be currently using the web host that you review.
You may not review your host more than once.
Only English reviews about English hosts.
No free hosts or ISPs.

NOTE: I only want reviews about hosts who are physically located in North America. If your English is poor, I will not accept your review.

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