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1) site -

2) price - Offers

3) payment method - Paypal - we can work out a method that is fair and safe for both of us

4) site info - 50 - 100 page impressions a day. Further traffic analysis can be emailed to interested parties. I am happy to leave the site on my reseller hosting. It takes no promotion, it is indexed in some chinese search engines, and gets all its traffic from there. If you know SEO you could rank it higher in english speaking indexes. Site earns around $15 a month with absolutely no work. Promotion can make this much higher. A great addition for anyone with a proxy network, or as a start up online business.

Do you have any BIN price ?

How much are you selling this site?

How much are you selling this site?

Yes please provide a price, or your best offer is going to be $1.

i'm open to offers - its not an auction - if someone offers what i think is a fair price ill sell, otherwise ill keep hold of it. i do not have a fixed price in mind. If you have an offer, let me know

how about 10$ USD? There doesnt seem to be anything unique in it..

You might try selling it on it's free!

You might try selling it on it's free!

He's selling a website not a pair of shoes... poor recommendation and as i see it, he owes me 20 seconds of my life back for the time it took to check the link :mad:


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Hi Can you disclouse the price of the domain then only it will easier to make a decision about the deal...

Mark Miller
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how about 15$?

I'll give youn $5...

What about $7? Lol. Seriously, $15 per month x10 months, it should be worth around $150.

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