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Estab parameters on an applet script

Can anyone please suggest a way of adding parameters to the free-use applet script seen here :

As far as I can see there are none incorporated in the script, and may all be locked up in the assoc FadBan.class file. I would like to have control over font size and colours as an example, if it's possible.


Those param's are indeed embedded in the class. Maybe you can find out who wrote it and ask if they'd be so kind to supply a custom version...

Thank you Ronald...

Yes I thought as much. Regrettably the email link to the person it is credited to doesn't appear to be working, however I have come across another guy who is unashamedly claiming its his.... so maybe I'll 'shuffle his deck of cards', instead! LOL


You can do something similar in JavaScript.
Fading News Ticker (
You can alter text size/color/font in this one.

Thank You Roy...

I'll play around with the one you posted plus some others from the same source. Much obliged my friend


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