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shared boarders without frontpage

any one have any ideas on an effective way to create a shared boarder effect without useing frontpage?:)

what is a shared boarder?

I'm wondering the same thing... what IS this 'shared border' you speak of... ??


~Quack :confused:

Answer to "what are shared borders"? (;en-us;Q196778#2)

FrontPage allows you to include any and all shared borders (top, bottom, left, and right) to your pages within a particular web site. The shared borders allow you to specify HTML (text, images, navigation, etc) to be placed on your pages. The benefit is that you do not have to update each and every page when editing the content of the shared borders. Update one page, and all pages are updated with the change(s). They can be quite handy.

Now, I have not come across any examples that simulate shared borders...not on any basic web sites. I wouldn't know about other languages, etc.

It's a function of Frontpage itself; while editing, the shared border code can't be found anywhere, just the page code, but when you look at the resulting code once uploaded, it's all there.
The closest thing to it would be SSI or another kind of server-side scripting; i don't even expect javascript to be able to tackle it since those shared borders are different on every page...

Could someone explain how Shared Borders/Include Pages work? Are they a programming language built into the hidden files?

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