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Page loading progress

Hi i have seen this done but dont know how to get a image or text to show in an IFRAME while waiting on a page to load :)

IE. a loading progress graph or loading text

Would appreciate some help If you can :thumbsup:



Here's a script you might want to take a look at:

You would put the script into the html/htm page(s) to be loaded into the iframe. Click on "View Sript" to the left to see a demo.

The script is configurable so you can customize the look (amoung other things) to compliment your needs ;).

Thanx boxer. That is the sort of thing i am looking for, but is there any scripts that can just specify an image to show while the page is loading:rolleyes:

I might be able to throw something together later that displays an image while the page loads. Of course if you use an image, then the image must load first, which could defeat the purpose. You could over come this by pre loading the image you use in the head of the main page containing the iframe.

I'll look into it a bit later on. In the meantime, there are some page effects here you might want to take a look at and give one a try:

By increasing the duration, you might be able to achieve a suitable effect ;).

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