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missing tools in Adobe Illustrator

Not sure if this is really the right place for this, but I didn't know where else to ask.

I downloaded the Illustrator 10 demo and all was fine. However now that I've bought and installed the full version, half the tools are missing. All the tool groups are there, but don't have all the tools; and it's really obvious things which are missing like pencil.

Anyone else experience this and know of a solution?



Have had a similar problem with an earlier version of Illustrator. What would happen is if I launched Illustrator, occasionally it would come up with only two palettes (layers and color).

Couldn't figure it out for a while. Eventually I allocated more memory to it (30mB) and this solved it.

I don't know what the procedure is on a PC but it is simple on a Mac to allocate more memory to the application.

That's the best I can suggest

meerkat :)

Any platform- uninstall/ reinstall. Mac- try renaming the Illustrator preferences file and let illustrator build a new one. Transfer any items from the old file to the new one that may be missing, but do not overwrite.

Thanks for those suggestions; it is PC, and neither of those ideas helped.

But thanks anyway

cake :)

thanks for that tip; i'll check it out

I have the same situation. The 'tools' pallette is there, but half or so of the tools are gone. Anyone have an idea what is up?

The only solution I've found is to delete the preferences file and let Illustrator make a new one. Try searching the Adobe forums perhaps. They've been helpful with Photoshop issues.

It had something to do with having already installed the demo version .. fraid I can't exactly remember - there definitely was a preferences file somewhere I had to delete or rename .old

Illustrator 10 is not as stable as CS -- I would recommend:
Updating to 10.0.3 (can do so through adobe's site)
Delete the preferences, as already said. You'll find the later version of illustrator often gets it's preferences corrupted, and a sift delete would fix it. However, I don't know where that is on a PC ;)

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