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My colored scrollbar is not working

I added a drop-in context box and now my colored scroll bars doesn't work.
The site is: http:\\

Hi well i saw the problem, heres how to fix it.

Just replace the old style with this one. What i've chenged is bold faced


<STYLE type="text/css">
BODY{scrollbar-face-color: "red"; scrollbar-shadow-color: black;
scrollbar-highlight-color: white; scrollbar-3dlight-color:"red";
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #white; scrollbar-track-color:"black";
scrollbar-arrow-color: "black"}


HappyScripting :D:D:D

I changed the script and it is now working.

less code, looks better...

BODY {scrollbar-base-color: #FF0000; scrollbar-arrow-color: #000000;}

that'll give you the same effect with a better colour coordination...

#FF0000 is the colour code for Red
#000000 is the colour code for black


If your hex code is in pairs, for example; #000000 or #006699, you can use a single digit for each pair, so #000 and 069, would give the same results. Only when used in styling though.

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