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err i dont no if this is the right part of this forum to post this but i need help on making MySql Database in a control panel called extend control panel. even thou i dont no alot of html. but i asked my friend if they know how to make MySql Database in extendcp but they did not know. so i came to this forum and start asking people..... because i want to install Invision Power Board but i need to make MySql database for some reason. if u could tell me thank you...

if someone could tell me how to use extend control panel

thank in advance

sorry for my bad english... :dodgy:

Is this "Extended Control Panel" a feature offered by your web hosts? If so, I'm sure there's plenty of documentation that goes with it that should help you use it to set up a MySQL database.

You need to make sure that your web hosts offer the use of a database, as that's what most forum software (in your case, Invasion Power Board) use to hold all of the information.

There's probably people in here who have used Invasion, but I haven't personally, so I can't really help you.


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