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Anyone have any templates to use? I have started a development reference guide from scratch, using Web Style Guide ( as a reference.

I am including detailed guidelines, so when a site is passed off to another developer/designer, files are consistently named and placed in consistent folders, e.g.

in the root directory of each site, there will be an /images/ folder, a /scripts/ folder, a /styles/ folder, etc.;
in the root directory of each site, there will be an index.html (asp), contact.html (asp), site_map.html, etc.;

each page will contain a keyword-rich Title of 70-120 characters;
there will be a copyright statement centered at the bottom of every page on each site, (c) 2005 <Company name>, all rights reserved;

descriptive text links will be used rather than image links whenever possible;

oh well, you get the idea ...

thank you,


It's a good idea to do what you do. I try to do the same thing. As far as I'm aware, there aren't any "official" guides on how to name your files and structure your website, but I could be wrong. I think that so long as you stick to your own set of rules consistently, and make sure you comment your code adequately, then any other developers who take over your projects should be able to easily understand your code.


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