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I am looking for an alternative for iframes as Firefox does not allow you to set the scrollbar properties as you can in IE.

What I am trying to achieve can be viewed at (must be viewed in IE though).

The page I am trying to get this to work on is located at

I have tried css and textarea and a div, however you still can't specify the scrollbar attributes for use in Firefox.

The only way I can think of doing it is by using flash, which poses a problem because I don't have flash! :p

Is there any other way of doing this?

You can't specify the scroll bar atributes in firefox. There is no work around other than to use a java applet or flash to make the scroll bars.

The logic goes like this: Scroll bars are part of the browser system - not part of the page. The scroll bar styles are part of the browser skin and theme set. If the browser user wanted the scroll bars a different collour, then they would pick out a different skin for their browser.

You should also remember that Firefox is not the only browser other than IE. There is Opera and Safari. Then there are other OS's like Linux and Mac. So your scoll bars will not work out identically on all of them even if you could colour them - which you can't.

Try not to use fames or iframes. The have many problems that have been detailed many times before.

Instead use the style "overflow:scroll;" or "overflow:auto;" to create the visuall effect of a scroll bar within a page but without the hang-ups of frames.

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