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Please review my sitemap: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

-Review Service
-Design Service
-Maintanance Service (Someone please how do i spell this)
-Scripting Service
-Domain Service
-Website Transfer Service
EyeAsk It(A question and answer section you ask and we will find the answer)
-What's EyeAsk It
-Question of the week
-Ask a Question
-Track your Question
-Search Tutorials
-Submit Tutorials
EyeClick It (Pay to Click section)
-What's EyeClick It
-Earn Cash (displayed after login)
-Request Payout (displayed after login)
-Terms of Agreement
EyeSize.Biz (company details and detailed product overview of products created by
-About Us
-Contact Us
-Helpdesk (Online chat helpdesk)

What names should i change what sections should i add or remove how should i organise things do you think this is the best way to do it or nog please tell me. I would apreciate your help. The Bold options are main menu's the rest is submenus.

The menu will be a javascript menu when you hold down your mouse over a main menu the submenu's apear.

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