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want banner/menu load only once, need help: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

i'm not entirely new to web design but definitely still learning a heck of a lot of stuff. i've got a new site i've been putting together ( ) and i want the flash banner and menu to load once and never refresh on page chance. for instance when i click a page off the menu i only want the page content to change and load i don't want my banner, menu, and side graphics to reload... i know it's possible i just don't know how can someone please help or point me in the right direction ty

The simple way would be to put an iframe where the content is to go and so the content pages could change but leave the surroudings constant. However, frames cause all sorts of problems with accessability and SEO and you don't want to go there unless you really have to.

If the content is just text really and not too much of that, then you can just use a pile of layers (absolutly positioned div's) and then use some css/javascript to show/hide the divs rather than loading a new page. I do that on one of my concept designs at

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