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Form to fax

Hi all,

I am currently doing some forms on a site and I would like to know how I can have a form that a visitor fill up faxed from the website rather than the form being sent via-email. I know someone did it at my previous work, but I have lost contact with him. Does anyone has an idea?

Thank you a bunch!:D

just a checkout® this link...

just a goodluck® :O)))

Well... This link could be useful, but everything seems involving some cost, a lots of them are in the USA, I am on OZ... It is also mostly fax to email... What I would like is once the form has been filled, the visitor sends it and it is then received by fax at our office...

Is this possible? (I am sure it must be :p)

Thanks for your help:thumbsup:

The only way you could do that is to instruct people to fill the form out then either fax it from thier computer or print and fax it.

Hope this helps.

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