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CSS Sniffing Out Question

Hi everybody. I want a way to sniff out the IE 5.5+ users and provide them with "ie55.css" and everyone else with "other.css" I know I can put some document write in the format of "LINK rel="stylesheet"..." but I don't know how to make it so that only IE 5.5+ writes one LINK tag and all other browsers writing a different LINK tag. In a nutshell, IF IE 5.5+ write "<LINK rel="stylesheet" src="ie55.css" type="text/css">" else write "<LINK rel="stylesheet" src="other.css" type="text/css">"

Hope that helps for a better description. Thanks.

I would use conditional comments, its simple:

<!--[if gte IE 5.5000]>
<link rel="stylesheet" src="ie55.css" type="text/css">

<![if lt IE.5000]>
<link rel="stylesheet" src="other.css" type="text/css">

there is a tutorial on the JavaScript Kit site about these here (, they are simple and to the point, without using huge chunks of code.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

Thanks. I'll try reading that tutorial. If anything happens, I'll post a question here.

This is a good tool for IE users, but I also need something to write a LINK tag if they are using something other than IE 5.5+ (Netscape users will need a script since the comments aren't supported) In another nutshell :D, IF other than IE 5.5+ write "<LINK rel="stylesheet" src="other.css" type="text/css">"

the whole way this works is that if it is "if greater than or equal to IE 5" it will be a comment, and IE will display it as if there was no comment. if its "if less than IE 5" then it will not be a comment, so all other browsers will take it as a blank/incorrect tag. (correct me if im wrong;))

heres what i mean...

<!--[if gte IE 5]>
this one is treated as a comment if its not IE5+, but IE5+ is programmed to display this stuff

<![if lt IE 5]>
this was never a comment to begin with, but IE5+ is programmed not to display it. All other browsers will display it because it isnt a comment

see?... hope this helps, this method has always worked for me ;)

Whoops, i had made a mistake in my first post. the second conditional comment should have been:

<![if lt IE 5.5000]>


Oh, I see now. Thanks for your help. :cool:

any time :)

I don't want to be mean since beginning, but jscript_junkie, you should read rules ( about cross-posting (Referring to this post (

think you can do the ! = not thingamebob too :thumbsup:
<!--[if gte IE 5]> (if greater than IE5)
<!--[if ! gte IE 5]> (if not greater)

That will make it less painful on those weary braincells after a long day

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