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Windows 7 > Windows Live Mail > IMAP not allowing root cpanel login so I can 'send'

I have now bought a new pc Windows 7

Installed Window Live Mail and can not send any emails via IMAP

With Outlook I could use my cpanel logins to access all email folders.

Say my site is and my email is [email protected]

I have always used email address: site
as this would be my login to cpanel
and my password
I have the pop/imap/smtp all set to

I tried and was able to send/receive emails using POP, but I have too many address to set up all the emails again like I have on my old pc.

The error I get is...

The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender's e-mail address. The sender's e-mail address was 'mysite'.

Subject 'test'
Server Error: 553
Server Response: 553 <mysite> Invalid mail address, must have a domain part
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID:
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No

Any suggestions on how I can send like I always did with Outlook ?

My guess is that you haven't entered a user in properly during the IMAP/SMTP configuration.

<mysite> Invalid mail address, must have a domain part

This suggests it thinks the email is coming from "mysite" when it should be coming from "[email protected]".

Yes I have used the cpanel username and password like I always have in Outlook 2002.

I was able to send and receive emails now I can only receive them, I can not even reply to any of them now.

Why is IMAP not the same for WLM as it is for Outlook ?

How do I get around this so I can access al the folders under my site and reply to any email address without having to add each and every one of the email addresses ?

IMAP settings are not at issue here. If you are receiving email, IMAP is working. SMTP settings are the issue, and you will need to post more details on your setup to get a really good grasp of whats going on.

If you'd rather not post it on a forum feel free to email me and I can take a look via screenshots and try to help. Unfortunately it's difficult to tell without looking directly at it.

The error still suggests that the SMTP server is rejecting your username because it is missing the portion. Changing your settings to include the full email address as your user name "should" correct this.


Yes this is now the issue as I did not have this problem with Outlook I just used my FTP/Cpanel username and password.

Basically I have about 20 email addresses and have alwaus used IMAP in Outlook.


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

When I got an email sent to say [email protected]

I was able to reply and it would send as thought I had sent it from this email account.

The only way I see that I can stil do this is if I add each and every email account using POP.

How can I get and reply from all email address using IMAP ?

Based on the error, Windows live is not adding the part to the address. Not to familiar with Windows live, but do you have an option to set the email address separately from the authentication login?