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I`m currently thinking about switching from IPB to vB, But I have one thing which I need to know.

I currently have IPBSDK running on my whole site which is exporting the forum stats, latest post, number of people online, member bar (log in | Register) number new PMs and an online location field which shows which page people/guests are viewing in the IPB online list.

Is there such a modification which exports this data into seperate site pages from the vB forums to standard php pages?

I was using IPBSDK before I switched to vBulletin, and believe me it's well worth the switch just for the admin panel alone! >>; These are the things I'm using (or I've found and look really helpful just not tried yet) to replace the IPBSDK features... There's not just -one- script that does it all (that I'm aware of anyway) but these are fairly useful! n.n

How to create your own vBulletin-powered page! (uses vB templates) ( <- This hack will let you create new pages using the templates system. You upload a page like "test.php" with the php code that will display the styles, and then you can create the content template in the Styles Manager with the text you want displayed. There's a new addition where you can create templates within the page, which is kind of spiffy too! So you can do "test.php?do=thing" and not have to upload fifty seperate php files to show the content... I'm using this for my rpg tutorials. n.n

Last X Threads From A Particular Forum On Non-VB Page ( <- This is new, so there's not alot of features to it, but you can display the last few threads from a specific forum on a seperate page somewhere.

VB Login on a Non-VB Page vB3 RC3 ( <- This is pretty useful too. You can add a login box or protect a non-vb page/content with the VB's usergroup systems... So if a user is logged in, they can see whatever content you've chosen to display for logged in users or for a specific usergroup. (I've fixed one of my chat's pages to display some links for regular users, and then special admin controls for my moderators group!)

The you have your portal scripts vbAdvanced ( (where you can ever create new pages based on templates!) and vbindex ( (..which apparently can also do templates now! c.c; cool!!) which are my favorite portal scripts. They're very nice!

Those are the things I'm currently using to replace my IPBSDK script, and it's turning out really well. Since vB 3.0.0 is still new, I don't doubt there's going to be alot of new hacks coming out soon that'll have neat features and tricks to serve the purpose. n.n