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IPB->VBB members' password

can IPB(invision power board) 's members be FULLY converted as well now?
I knew that all IPB members's password can NOT be converted and they have to *Re-Set Manually*, which iis impossible for us to do so

want to ask for updates here then



As said in your thread - as you already know passwords CANNOT be transferred, as the hashing algorithm differs from vBulletin to IPB.

I see SFP has the same issue while converting to VBB and there is a moduel for that on .org

could somone kindly create a moduel for IPB please then

Most likely won't be possible, I don't use IPB but I assume (and also hope) that they don't store passwords in plain text.

You need the plain text password in order to insert them into vBulletin. If IPB uses hashing you won't be able to 'unhash' them easily (if at all). SPF must have used encryption (2-way unlike hashing which is 1-way) or just stored the password in plain text, so it could be used by vBulletin.

Put basically... it is not possible.

The only way would be to store the (old) password in a temporary field. Then when they log in, check with the temporary field before hashing it vBulletin's way and storing it like that.