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apache --> php ... huh?

ok being a newbie I cant get my head around this... i want to use my win98 machine as a test platform, to learn mysql, php and such goodies.
I know i must set apache to see as it's server, but how do I get it to work with php, and to get my system working like a real webserver for testing?


you just install apache, and edit the config file.. and put files into your webserver root

you'll also need to download php from and install that.

i personally changed my default root to be c:\websites\ but i think the default is httpdocuments or some crap

it was real easy for me, i just poked around all the config files and had it set to my preferences.. but a lot of people have problems :/

Extremely easy to do, but if you still have problems try one of those all in one packages, like phpdev by firepages

thanks guys for your help... and as for the installation... phpdev 4 is currently downloading :)