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htaccess: trying to serve different pages

I'm new to htaccess and my isp is not helping.
What I'm trying to do is serve a page called "block.htm" to the ip's and domains that I have listed as "deny."

I'm not sure if they see it or not. i do know the way it is now the "block" page gets pushed to any 403/404 error. so anybody that types a wrong address gets it.

So, i want ONLY those being denied to get the block.htm file and everyone else to get normal 403/404.

THANKS for all help

here is what i have now:
<Limit GET>
order allow,deny
allow from all
deny from

ErrorDocument 403

ErrorDocument 404

deny from

403 and 404 documents do different things ,

404's are served when a page can not be found
403's are served when permission is denied denied

so try serving different pages for different situations ... eg

ErrorDocument 403 /path/block.htm
ErrorDocument 404 /path/custom_404.htm

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