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Restrict Deleting Users Hack

As requested by hellsatan and thanks to hellsatan for testing it out...

What does this hack do?
// +++++++++++++++++++
Restricts all Administrators from deleting users unless the Main Administrator (userid: 1)
When other Administrators delete users places them in a seperate usergorup and is inserted into the Users Awaiting Deletion List
User in this usergroup can't access the forums and get a global 'Under Moderation Error'
Only Main Administrator can view Users Awaiting Deletion List and can then Delete / Restore the account.

What to do?
// +++++++++++++++++++
File Modifications (4)
Templates to Add (1)

This hack is good for multiple Administrators so you can know who's being deleted... hope some ppl can use this hack ;) again thanks to hellsatan for the idea... Enjoy :)

For instructions open the phpfile in a text editor... if you like this hack i'd be greatful if you click install... thanks in advance...


Screenshot A :: View of the new admincp look... includes two user awaiting deletion links... on under the moderation section and one under the user.php section...


Screenshot B :: just a shot of the user awaiting deletion list :P regards... and hopefully someone will find this hack useful ;)


Sounds like a great hack. Once I start adding hacks to my forum again I will add this one to the list with the other 100 I have to put up. (I am serious about the number)

Dark Shogun

Cool. I will install later. Thanks ;)

i have installed it, but the name of the template you must add isn't there :S

EDIT: whoops, see your point ;)

Looking over the code, the template name is error_userundermod

ok thx :D

Very good hack:)

Its a shame I didnt get to reply to or "install" this hack earlier;)

Thanks g-force:)


I've read the instructions... but I can't find the words in global.php to add your additions underneath...

Here's the instructions

open global.php (1)

find: (1)

// check that board is active - if not admin, then display error

I can't find that line.. Was it removed in 2.2.7?

Which global.php are you trying to modify?

It should be the forum global.php:)

Try searching around lines :

if (!$bbactive) {
if (!$permissions['cancontrolpanel']) {
eval("standarderror(\"".str_replace("\'", "'", addslashes($bbclosedreason))."\");");


well the only global.php I see is in forums/admin.. I don't have php-nuke installed.. (Plan to have the Vbulletin Homepage hack setup)

I'll look again

UPDATE: I'm smacking myself for missing it... Thanks :)



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