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Problem with vbindex install..

I'm really sorry for this lame post..but I know diddly about this stuff...

ok...installed vbulletin 3.06 ok...used all the default settings and the forum is working nicely.

installed vbindex to the same folder and all appeared to go ok..but when browsed to the url got the forum homepage instead of vbindex...
someone said i must rename the script name for the 'forum home page' from its default 'index' to 'forum'. Found in the admin cp in vbulletin...vbulletin home page options. Then via ftp change the files 'index.php' to 'forum.php' and change 'vbindex.php' to 'index.php' in my root directory.

I followed the instructions, and logged into my site... I still do not go to the portal page..

I get this error message:

Warning: chdir(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid/gid is 1134/1134 is not allowed to access /home/sub004 owned by uid/gid 0/0 in /home2/sub002/sc10166/forums/index.php on line 144

Unable to add cookies, header already sent.
File: /home2/sub002/sc10166/forums/index.php
Line: 144

anyone any ideas what I'm doing wrong...and a way to rectify it.

Thanks folks