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Starting with nginx

Sofrar 99% of my work time I have used apache.
Iw been googling allot and messing around with nodejs and nginx thinking about making something scalable.
Do you know any pitfalls with nginx that just don't work in some scenarios where apache does?
Have you had any problems with it when coming from apache world?

To me the config seems suprisingly similar after you get over the syntax.

nginx can serve static contents but apache needs modules in back end. nginx known well for it's speed.

In some cases you may need to run both Apache (httpd) and Nginx on port 80. Such a situation can be a server running Cpanel/Whm and as such doesn’t support nginx, so you wouldn’t want to mess with the apache configuration at all.

To do this you have to make sure Apache and Nginx are bound to their own IP adddress, In the event of WHM/Cpanel based webserver, you can Release an IP to be used for Nginx in WHM. At this time I am not aware of a method of reserving an IP, and automatically forcing Apache to listen on a specific set of IPs in a control panel such as DirectAdmin or Plesk. But the link above will show you how with WHM/Cpanel.

Used to use Apache a lot but now nginx scales better

When someone pulls up an old topic and you check the post date and realize you are still working on the same project. Damn.

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