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Ajax > back, refresh buttons

Hi, i have been learning ajax for a while now.

The time has come where i need to learn how to fix the back button etc.

I am using ajax to load content into a div.

Yes, using ajax is right for my site, so no need to tell me not to use it.

It will save me bandwidth, and also saves me reloading all images, security queries etc. the point. users log in to get to this part of the site, so they will never bookmark it.

But with them doing things like sending mails, spending resources etc they will use the browser buttons that ajax has broken.

So i need a simple way to fix it. There are loads of tutorials out there, but i have tried a few.....they are either too complicated or just dont work

i need someone to spell it out for me, tell me the most simple way to do it.

I use php in my site, and quite a lot of javascript of course, so im not stupid with either of them

Please help


does anybody know?