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Custom Template > Default

Is there a way to make a custom template display under default?

Yes, just edit your Default style properties and have them point to the Replacement and Templates sets of the style you want to appear as the default.

Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I worded this completly wrong. I already knew how to do that part.

What I ment was if I create a new template (like "postbit" is a template), it puts it under the "Custom" section in the listing. I'd like to move it so that it isn't listed in the custom section, but under the normal templates.

God this is confusing how ever I word it.

open your config.php

enter $debug=1;

then in your admin-cp you can add templates to the global set, so such templates are seen in every style under default, not longer custom.

be sure to take out debug=1 after you've done that, because its a security problem...

also remember: with every upgrade of your vb, all global templates are deletet and the new ones are created, so you have to add your custom templates manually after an upgrade again.