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XMB --> vB Convertor - nearly done but stuck

hi again!

well, i have now purchased the license so i hope someone can help me here...i have written a convertor from XMB 1.11d to vB. it does members (but not sigs), forums (requires reordering in vb cp before importin threads / posts), threads and posts. i have sorted the original problems out but now i have a small problem in that the forum seems to be ok, everythings there that i need but when u go to the members list it only shows the admin a registered even tho there r 933 other members all of whom can post!!!!

is there something simple i need to do to rebuild the index or something? i have gone thru and rebuilt everything in the admin cp.

the code is attached for u to have a look and see where i may have gone wrong.


This is the official importer which is yet to be released.

It was designed for 1.5 so it may not work on 1.1d but its worth a try.

thanks fot that but I have found upgrading to XMPANTS 1.5 tends to stuff the forum completely so I will prolly not risk doing it again.

I am sooo close to going live with this forum, I could actually do it now but it would be nice to sort the dearch user problem listed above first. Has anyone got any ideas?

You need to insert a row into userfield for each user, it doesnt need to have a value but it needs to be done because a left join query is used.

many thanks for that. its now sorted :)