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XMB -> VBulletin

Is it possible to convert a XMB forum to Vbulletin? I have a site which uses that POS board and needs to be transfered, but have no clue if it can be done.


There is an official XMB import script available to licensed customers.

Ahhh.... That is good news. Planning on purchasing within the next few weeks... BTW, will it import to VB3 when it is released?

Thanks again

The current script will import to vB 2.3.0 and you can upgrade to 3.0 from there.

One last question:
For another site with a different liscense, could I upgrade a Phpbb2 with the attachment to VB and still have the attachments? or would they need to be manually added?


As far as I know all the data is imported with the phpBB import script.

Thanks for the answers to the questions.