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My who's Online and Views Count stopped working!

Hey guys,

I just recently installed the "Attachments as Files" hack and the "Number of Active users Today (English & German)" and now my "Who's Online" and "View Thread Count" stopped working.

The who's online prints out that everyone on the board is at the main menu, and the view counter doesn't return a value.

In other words, everything on my board that I use to track the whereabouts of my members has ceased to work ... even the "Number of Members in Forums" hack!

I ran a query on my database and the View Counter values are there, and all of the user "inforum" fields are being entered ... but won't return a value after viewing a thread on the board.

( FYI: i've un-installed "both hacks" already and I still have this problem. )

Any help with this is appreciated ...

Thanks in advance! :)

Rolodex try replacing the online.php with an unhacked online.php file see if that works... regards... (should have something to do within that file)


Trying now ... ---->

"Nothing ... didn't work!" :disappointed:

Would someone PLEASE take a look at my functions.php file?

I figured out that this is the file that's causing the problem but there's a call from the database to open the threads that are making the long (6+) threads a pain in the ass to open!

thanks! :banana:

I figured it out myself ... thanks anyway!