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Any hope for cookies working with frames?

:alien: I have modified my vB to work inside frames. Why? Because I have 1,500 potential forum members who are accustomed to Delphi forums with frames. They might or might not care whether I have frames, but I want to be ready to give them whatever they want... if possible...

The problem: the cookies don't work. This means (correct me if wrong) firstly, "Browse Board with Cookies" option MUST be set on NO for every member--thus "using the links for recognition." Otherwise, members will not be able to edit their profiles.

Secondly---because of using "link recognition" instead of cookies---then at least half the time, members will have to re-log every time they post a message, visit their Member CP, etc. This is because "link recognition" requires link continuity. This continuity can not be maintained with frames.

FRAMED FORUMS NEED COOKIES even more than non-framed forums---but cookies simply don't work because vB is not designed for frames...

Am I right about this? And if so---just how difficult is it to get cookies working with a framed vBulletin?

Someone point me in the right direction, please. Thank you.

To get cookies working with frames, I think this may work - go to your Admin CP, then to vBulletin Options.

Go to this section:

Cookie Domain
The domain on which you want the cookie to have effect. If you want this to affect all of rather than just, enter here (note the 2 dots!!!). Can be left blank.

Leave that field blank. Cookies should be saved permanently.

I haven't tried it... see if that works.

:rambo: Thank you for the good suggestion, Erwin. Was worth a try--but no, doesn't work.

Why did you say, "Leave the field blank..."? It was blank before. The idea, I gather, was to extend the cookie activity to cover all levels of --- rather than just --- thereby working with the frame that was at the higher level... Well anyway, I tried, both with and without the extra dot--also I tried putting my index.html frame inside /forums/ and even /forums/admin/ ---no success.

Meanwhile, I think maybe I have figured a workable procedure. I can replace the standard log-in page with a pop-up <target="_blank"> link to a log-in page. So log-ins will occur OUTSIDE the frame---users then are prompted to "close this window" and return to the frame, all logged-in... well I tested this theory and so far, it works!

This also (maybe) indicates why your idea did not work. The problem is not "recognizing the domain level of the frame...." The problem is that for some reason (???:confused:???) cookies can not "see" anything that goes on inside the frame.... no matter what.

:rambo: :rambo: Well, I also tried 2 other ideas: naming the frame index.php instead of index.html. AND (same thing actually) replacing the entire forumhome template with the frame index.html. No luck either way... Like I say, it seems the cookies just won't look inside a frame...

I have come across a few forums that have a pop-up log-in window. Well, I guess this is the reason...

...but there might be a better way. Any more suggestions still are welcome...