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PluhNews System help

I have, like many people, installed the Pluh news system. So far It does everything I want to do.

But I just have one question. How can I set up properties/permissions so that my news forum, can only accept replies.

I want only the admins to be able to post news, but I want anyone to be able to comment (reply to thread).

I guess I could just lock the whole thread and get rid of the comments, but I know some one out there is running it like i want to.

I wasnt people to be able to comment/reply, just not make a whole new news post/thread.

thanks for anyone who has some insight on my question

You should edit the Forum Permissions for each user.


would you be so kind to expand on you idea :D

AdminCp>Forum and Moderators>Permissions

Find your forum, and edit each usergroup by clicking the edit link beside the usergroup, now make changes to the custom settings, and don't forget to check off the Custom Settings Option, for it too work.