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Problem with templates... vb:link

i ran into a little problem with phrases... and links
probably i misunderstood how phrases work...

i want to use the template forumhome_loggedinuser somewhere else...
template content:
<li> {vb:stylevar dirmark} <a class="username" href="{vb:link member, {vb:raw loggedin}}">{vb:raw loggedin.musername}</a> {vb:raw loggedin.invisiblemark}{vb:raw loggedin.buddymark} </li>

my problem is the url:
{vb:link member, {vb:raw loggedin}}
As i am not in the forum directory.. i would want to add a prefix... {vb:raw vboptions.bburl}/ in front of it..
its easy, if i create a new template.. but is there a way to do it using that template???

by defining something before in $loggedin??

i hope i could explain what i meant..