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Hooks in plugins/products system: good or bad idea?

I'd really like to implement as a mod an idea I had regarding having a field in plugins/products for specifying 'additional files' this would serve as a referance for admins who had installed mods as to which files belonged to which mods; allow for exporting a full package by mod developlers as well as auto generating md5sums file.

Currently there is only one hook in the plugins product system. There need to be more to support the above, however i'm wondering if its a good idea from a security point of view. It'd be much easier for a product to create a plugin that say hides a selection of plugins from the admin cp view.

Before I put in an official request for the hooks; I'd like to see some input from other coders on if this would be an issue or not ( and possible solutions (explicit option to disable plugins on plugins/products page? / enable plugins on plugins/products page ONLY in debug mode?))

Im not sure I understand what your actually suggesting.