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IE7 address bar

Hi i have used a few script from this site to hide the address bar for my popup. so that users can't see what page they are no. I used that and the right click disable.

However due to IE7 i can't seem to make the address bar disapear can any one help.


Don't bother. It's silly.
All a user needs to do is look at their history. Or the source of the page directing them there. That's it.

Yes IE7 shows address bar in a popup window even if in the JavaScript doesn't contain anything about having an address bar.

There may be a new specification for that, it really is a bit different than the address bar, though perhaps not. It takes the place of the old IE 6 habit of at least showing the domain name in the title bar under such circumstances. Both of these behaviors are security features to help prevent Phishing. If your pop up displays a javascript generated page, that address bar like feature will show:


and not be added to the history.

However, as before with IE, so too now - the user can always hit ctrl-N and open the same page (even a script generated page) in a new window with full chrome.

This opening of stealth pop ups is not such a good idea. Many browsers will treat them as full new windows, full new tabs, or not open them at all. Certainly not for any important content.

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