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AdminCP options -> creating a product

I'm trying to release a product which must contain a set of admincp options, but how do i get these into a product xml file? Every time I attempt to export it, all it creates are just the phrases -- no database code (which I would imagine it should do).

Also ... when I export it's exporting an old template, not the current one, I just can't figure out where I'm going wrong on this!

Any help much appreciated!!



Enabling debug mode on the board will enable you to associate vBulletin Options with a specific product. You may have to edit the MASTER STYLE if you are adding new templates, if you are editing existing vBulletin templates it is just easier to provide instructions as people may have already customised templates.

Ok thanks, I've redone that for the product ... but what about the admincp options I've created, just the phrases show and none of the options, nor default options? I've made sure they're associated to the correct product ... this one I'm lost on, unknown teritory!!!



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Sorry, I've sussed it out, was one option I'd disabled rather than enabled ... all working well will test to see how well it imports now -- thanks!