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[HOW TO - vB4] Change content.php (Suite)

Article incomplete - Still working out some bugs

NOTES: Does not seem to work with vBSEO

I could not find this anywhere so I thought I would create an article here.

Many users like to do their best to get away from the "Default vBulletin Look" - Many will change their style or create their own styles, but what about simple things like the articles section, you might ask yourself "why on earth would VB call it content.php with the title of the page being Articles?" which is not good for SEO reasons in so many ways.

This will be a quick and simple article on explaining how to change content.php to what ever you like.


Go to Admincp ---> Settings ---> Options ---> Content Management

You will see Site Tab URL - Change that to what ever you want to call it, make sure you keep the .php

Use your favorite FTP client to access the root of your forum. Find content.php - change to match the above .php

Now go into your Styles & Templates ---> Replacement Variable Manager
Below you should see your styles, next to your style you will see Add Replacement Variable Manager

Search for Text = content.php *Very important to include the .php*

Replace with Text = Enter the new name of the .php

Click Save

If you get everything set up correctly, this process takes around 30 seconds to execute.

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