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Some entity problems


First I cannot output a DOCTYPE declaration for an html document even if I put it in CDATA. The brackets get converted to their entities
Also, how can I output a new line character in XSLT? I tried &10;&13; but it won't accept it. If you put it in CDATA, it converts &'s into &'s


First of all, to write out a non/breaking space in XSL/T, you must not attempt to use character codes, they wont work. You will need to use the following entities (these should work ok):-

  = non breaking space (  in html)
= new line

are you declaring the doctype inside square brackets [] ?

You havnt put any of your code here, so it makes it difficult to diagnose



it keeps rendering the code - i will try again

non breaking = & # x a 0 ;

breaking = & # 10 ;

there are no gaps in the entities, i had to split them to show them in this post