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Foriegn Exchange Rates in XML format?


Does anyone know of a *free* or cheap source that provides an a list of Exchange Rates in XML file format, that is updated constantly (like twice a day).

A client has requested that I implement an automatic currency converter, that automatically converts all prices and shopping cart totals (this is for display purposes only. All transactions are done in Australian Dollars) through out the site after the user picks his or her local currency from a drop box or as set in their account profile (the number of currencies available are limited of course).

Yes I know this is a big pain in the butt and that banks automatically do the conversion upon credit card purchase. My client has asked for the feature implicitly.

Sites I have looked at:

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I found a PERL Library that does it called "Finance::Quote", if you interested the link is below:

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P.S, Now howz-that... a perl script stealing XML's thunder. I never would have guessed. :D