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XML and Netscape Navigator

Im just working on a prototype for a site I wana do using XML and have come across one major stumbling block - it won't display in Netscape.
When I try and load it using Netscape 6 it simply displays the XML file and completely skips the XSL transformation.
The prototype in question is here ( .
Any XML experts out there who could lend me a hand? be v. much appreciated.

The answer is simply that Netscape 6/Mozilla don't support XSL yet. Instead they use CSS to render the xml file.

An alternative to get it to work cross platform would be to use server side scripting, like the XSLT extensions available in PHP 4.1, to accomplish this.

If that's not available, looks like you'll be doing some browser sniffing.

Well it turns out that Netscape and Mozzilla do in fact support at least a subset of the xsl/xslt spec. See my reply to another thread at