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Visual C++ .NET

When I create an ATL DLL file in the IDE with one method .. (it could be any number of properties / methods) ... and I build it .. and register it ..
I try to call the dll file from within asp or php .. and it gives me an access denied error message ..

(Note: This works in Visual Studio 6 .. I looked at the permissions .. everything "seems" ok)

Has anyone gotten this before .. or found a way to fix the problem .. ?

(And no .. Going back to vs6 isnt the answer im looking for)


I got my .NET beta disks a few months back and installed it on my Pentium 166MMX

.NET took up all my resources so i uninstalled it and reinstalled Visual C++ 6.0

It's kind off put me off .NET a little bit because of the amount of resources it takes up, i now have Linux and Windows 98 on a duel boot on my Pentium 166MMX and it's lightning


I guess that depends on your definition of lightning .. ;)

You have to upgrade SOONER or later .. You cant expect 2002 software to work on hardware built in 1993 ..

I still dont have an answer to my question ..
microsoft makes me mad sometimes .. ;)

Your right about the upgrade

I hope to upgrade in the summer and keep the P166 for benchmark