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I rule!

First post! Hah! :D

Congrats, Andre :cool:
To bad I am not as easily excited as you're, or I would've posted here uhm about 2 hours ago (long time before re-arranging, btw why did they do that). But I couldn't think of something good to post so I left the honor to someone else. Good it wasn't worldtouch... heh... wonder if he/she had any idea what algorithm is :D

We thought our old Server Side/Client Side stuff did not really reflect the usage of the forums.

Putting things in groups like Programming, System Administration, etc. seems like a more logical layout as people are more attracted to those more specific topics than to the general topics "Server Side" and "Client Side."

And it was getting hard to classify some topics as strictly Server Side or strictly Client Side, too. ;)

It's definitely an improvement over the old organization.

U rule, then every1 else bcomes 4n4rch1st.

"I need an algorithm to make a complete network &c. solution for Linux and PHP, help me!" I haven't seen her around lately ...

Thx for this nice shiny new forum! And the structure is fine now (not implying that it was really bad in any way b4, of course).

Now I only hope that this forum gets with some interesting questions.

Thanks to everyone involved !!

Go for it !!

lol, looks like not many people use this forum after all

This forum will never have high traffic, but it is useful. Even its existence is good, since algorithms are a part of programming and that's what DevShed is mainly about.

I'm gonna post a question soon, just got to figure out how to explain my problem ... any of you remember school chemistry? Esp. quantum numbers?