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Sound in Flash

Flash Mx 2004

I'm am getting this error:"Sound has no valid device sound path although exporting device sounds was requested in the export settings. This sound will be ignored."

I have never tried to import a sound into flash until now. Using a 7 sec. clip for an intro. Does anyone know a solution?

How are you tring to import that sound, and what type of sound is it? (hope its not a midi :) )

When you publish, click the Flash tab and make sure "Export Device Sounds" is UNchecked. That is for mobile devices.

If you still have the problem, make sure you are importing the sound from the folder on your Hard drive that the swf is looking at, and also make sure you import it to the library first, then from the library move it into your timeline. Don't import it directly to your timeline.

ok well its an mp3 I fixed the prob. trhrough a diff solution. Instead of importing the file from the library. I imported it from the server and played on autostart. Seems to work fine. And yes I did have the "Export Device Sounds" checked. So that could have been the problem.

Cool! Glad it's fixed!

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