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Norton Antivirus 2003 WinXP Install Exited without Informing!

I've just downloaded the trial version file named "NAV9_15D.EXE" from Symantec's web site.
When the extraction finished, the installation program quited immediately & silently!

I did try going into the destination folder of the extraction & execute the setup.exe manually, but the result was the same!

How can I make the installation work?
I've uploaded the NAV.log installation log file for reference. Please download and have a look in a text-editor (Note: Since I'm using Chinese version WinXP, the file will have a few BIG5(Chinese) coding charactors):

Since I'm not familiar with Windows programming, I cannot figure out what caused the installtion error from the NAV.log file.
Can any programmer help me point out the problem?

Thanks in advance!


It may be that the download did not complete properly and you may need to re-download the trial.

Just a thought.