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boredlife virus/trojan/adware??

My internet explorer browser has been adding "" in front of every website I visit. For example, when I type in, it shows up as I dowloaded hijackthis and deleted everything on there that i saw that had boredlife attached to it and everything seems to be okay now. It no longer places boredlife in front of the websites. Was that the proper way to get rid of it?? Think I may have gotten rid of anything important??
Thanks for any advice.

You need to use Ad-Ware, and if you deleted everything in the Hijack This listing, that was really, really stupid. You should have read the warning that is on Hijack This. You may need to reinstall your IE as you have deleted some important files.

No, I didn't delete Everything, only the things on there that had boredlife in the text. My computer seems to be running fine, but yeah, I did read that warning, so I tried to be careful about what i got rid of, I just wanted to get some other opinions. I see what your saying though, that would have been bad to delete all of it.

There is this ( thread from about a week ago on boredlife too.

Anyway.. I also suggest picking up spybot seek and destroy (which is free.. just be sure you're getting a legit version of it)